Committee Role Descriptions


  • To convene Centre meetings and sub meetings.
  • To act as a contact point for general enquiries regarding the Centre.
  • To be the central point of contact regarding various Centre issues (ie to be made aware of various happenings within sub committee areas).
  • To ensure all Centre guidelines and Association rulings/bylaws are adhered to.
  • To attend and act upon ACTLAA designated Association meetings and Conferences.

Vice President

  • To fulfill the President’s role in his/her absence.
  • To assist the President in carrying out the duties described in the President’s job description.
  • To attend other meetings on the Centre’s behalf as required.
  • Coordinate and liaise with the Age Group Coordinator regarding Centre issues and coordinate the setup/packup roster.
  • To ensure all necessary information is included in the Centre newsletter.

Treasurer/Public Officer

  • Ensure accurate and documented records of all financial transactions regarding the Centre are kept.
  • To ensure all payments of the Centre are made appropriately.
  • To receipt all monies taken on behalf of the Centre (registration fees, uniform and canteen takings, sponsorship).
  • Coordinate the Centre Budget.
  • To ensure true and accurate records of the Centre’s financial position are presented at all Centre meetings.
  • To dispurse Centre funds according to Centre and Budget meetings.
  • To provide all information as required to the auditor.
  • To ensure all documentation regarding the Centre is updated and accurately lodged at the ACT Department of Corporate Affairs.
  • To attend meetings on the Centre’s behalf when required.


  • To ensure accurate and documented records of Centre activities are kept.
  • To take minutes of Centre meetings.
  • Arrange and advise dates and venues of all upcoming meetings.
  • Liaise with the President to coordinate and distribute Committee meeting agenda.
  • To receive, document and action all incoming and outgoing Centre correspondence.
  • At the commencement of the season arrange for the printing and distribution of a calendar of all programmed activities (Centre and Association) for the coming season.
  • Advise/remind members of forthcoming meetings where Centre representation is required.
  • To organise the Centre’s Annual General meeting.
  • To attend Association meetings as required.


  • To make arrangements for the Centre’s registration days.
  • To liaise with the Association regarding requirements for registration and provide information to the Association as required.
  • To ensure all information of the registration process is accurate.
  • To act as a point of contact regarding information about registration issues.
  • To liaise with the committee on the structure of registration fees.
  • To ensure all Association returns are completed and forwarded on time.
  • To keep accurate records of the Centre’s registrations.
  • To attend meetings as required.

Records Officer

  • To keep a true and accurate record of all results and performances achieved by registered athletes (both Centre and ACTLAA carnival results).
  • Arrange and collect the results of competition.
  • Arrange for the distribution of certificates.
  • Maintain computer records of athletes.
  • Make available relevant information as required ie Association requests for performances etc.
  • Maintain a register for records.
  • Arrange trophies/medallions and printing of certificates for the Presentation Day.
  • Provide each athlete with a printed record of all personal achievements at Centre level.

Competition and Program Coordinator 

  • Develop and coordinate the season competition program (in consultation with the Coaching Coordinator and On-track Coordinator)
  • Coordinate weekly centre competitions
  • Ensure the smooth running of weekly competitions
  • Coordinate official roles at Centre level and as required at Association level.
  • Arranges and coordinates all officials rosters for carnival

'Under 6' On-Track Coordinator 

  • Coordinates the ‘Under 6’ Age Group ‘On Track’ Program.
  • Initially informs and guides the new parents within the group about the routine and program format of the weekly meets.
  • Teaches about sun safety and general safety practises whilst at the meetings.
  • Teaches the basic skills relating to events in their program including running, throwing and jumping.
  • Encourages that all of the skills are learnt with lots of FUN too!!

Equipment Officer

  • Coordinates all equipment and purchases by the Centre.
  • Keeps an accurate record of all equipment owned by the Centre.
  • Arranges and/or instigates purchase of equipment.
  • Ensure all equipment is maintained in a safe and good condition.
  • Arrange for the safe storage of all equipment.
  • Coordinates the distribution and return of equipment to events for Centre competition.
  • Arrange for the loan (and return) of equipment for ACTLAA competition.

Uniform Officer

  • Coordinates the presentation and purchase of Centre uniform requirements ensuring value for money.
  • Ensure appropriate opportunities for uniform purchases and “try ons” are available at registration and competition days.
  • Keeps records of all purchases, sales and stock on hand.
  • Advises the committee of any additional products or opportunities for purchases.

Publicity/Sponsorship Officer

  • Raise awareness of the Centre as deemed acceptable by the Committee.
  • Arrange publicity where appropriate.
  • Coordinate fundraising, sponsorship, donation opportunities.
  • Keep accurate records of all correspondence/communication made and report to the Committee.
  • Liaise with the President on all activities proposed and undertaken.
  • Coordinate the printing and issue of the Centre newsletter.

Canteen Coordinator

  • Responsible for the purchasing of stock and providing receipts/cash to the Treasurer.
  • Ensure accurate and detailed information is maintained regarding canteen stock and transactions.
  • Coordinates assistants within Canteen, ensuring all Health regulation and Centre safety requirements are adhered to.
  • Reports to Committee on Canteen transactions and requirements.

Coaching Coordinator

  • Coordinate all Centre training sessions (ensuring a qualified coach is always present).
  • Ensure information regarding development in skills and training is presented to the Centre and acted upon.
  • Ensure all training sessions are undertaken in a safe environment.
  • Advise parents/Committee about coaching and development courses.
  • Monitor athletes development and advises if extra coaching/training may be required.
  • Liaise with Age Coordinators to inform athletes of extra training or specialist skills sessions on offer.
  • Provide a training or development tip to include in each newsletter to assist those athletes not able to attend training.
  • To attend meetings as required.

Carnival (Team) Manager

  • Coordinate information about Carnivals.
  • Ensure all athletes (and coordinators, managers) are conversant with Centre and Association rules (rules for spikes, uniforms, behaviour etc).
  • Inform Age Coordinators about forthcoming activities/camivals.
  • Receives from Age Coordinators competition monies and forms as appropriate and arranges for teams/numbers for competition.
  • Arranges with Coaching Coordinator extra training sessions for Carnivals etc.
  • Acts as team manager at ACTLAA competitions.
  • Attends Association meetings on behalf of the Centre.

Age Manager Coordinator

  • To report to Age Managers, athletes and parents on Committee activities.
  • Coordinate the distribution of information, newsletters, carnival details, rosters to age groups via Age Managers.
  • To assist the Carnival Coordinator at carnivals where required in coordinating athletes to events.
  • Liaise with the Program and Competition Coordinator to coordinate officials for competitions/carnivals.
  • To develop the Centre’s relationship amongst age groups and provide the Committee with relevant feed back from families.
  • Oversee setup/packup arrangements on competition days.

General Committee Positions

  • To provide assistance where required.
  • Attend Association meetings as required.