Getting Involved with Woden Thunder

Helping out at the Weekly Woden Thunder Meet

Woden Little Athletics Club is run entirely by volunteers. On competition days, there can be 300 or more children taking part in four or five events each. With twelve age groups each for boys and girls, this can be a colossal undertaking.

Parents must be prepared to help each Saturday morning to ensure everything runs smoothly and children obtain the maximum benefit from their events. We require parents to assist with a variety of tasks ranging from assisting at an event, being the manager of an age group, being a time keeper or helping in the canteen. Children appreciate the presence of their parents as officials. It is a family undertaking and it is an enjoyable and rewarding task if everyone does their share. You don't need any previous experience to be an official and there are a number of qualified and more experienced officials to help you out. Also, during the first few weeks of the season, familiarisation sessions for parents will be held to explain what is involved in officiating in the various track and field events.

To assist with this, ACT Little Athletics has compiled a handy guide for parent helpers to address the mystery sometime associated with helping out at a Little Athletics meet and can be found here.

Getting Involved at the ACT Carnivals

Meeting our Clubs obligations at ACTLAA Carnivals

A roster system is also used for ACTLAA Carnivals. Each club is expected to provide a quota of officials for each carnival and the Club requires a parent of each child participating at these carnivals to volunteer to officiate for at least two hours.  To assist with this, there is an online Officials Duties training program to familiarise parents with the requirements for duties that can be found here.  The link will take you through to the Australian Institue of Sport Learning Portal where you can register and complete the training at your on leisure.

This document also provides a great reference for familiarising - and then taking with you on the day.

Joining the Committee

The Woden Thunder committee are all volunteers with a shared commitment to ensuring there is a Woden Little Athletics Club for our little athletes to participate in.