The Woden Little Athletics Club has been running for almost 40 years. Established in 1972, the club strives to promote athletics for children and adolescents between the ages of five and sixteen. Our aim is to develop the confidence, fitness and athletic skills of young people in a safe and fun environment. The motto of Little Athletics is "Family, Fun & Fitness."

The club is run by the parents of children who are registered with the club. By taking an active part in the running of the club, parents can have as much enjoyment as their children. Most tasks do not require a background in athletics but they are vital to ensuring an enjoyable athletics program each week.

The season runs from October through to March each year. A committee is elected at the Annual General Meeting each year to organise the running of the club for the next season. For a complete list of those on the committee go to the Committee page.

Our club competition days are Saturday mornings from 8:45 am to 12:00 pm. When there are inter-club carnivals held on a Sunday, we hold our club competition on the preceding Friday evening. The main inter-club and ACTLAA competition events that WLAC compete in throughout the season are:

  • Woden Carnival Ribbon Day
  • Multi Event Carnival (Usually November)
  • Relay Carnival (usually December)
  • Southside Regional Carnival (usually March)
  • ACT State Championships (end of season)

For more information about these events go to the Carnivals page under Calendar.

Welcome Message

Dear Athletes and Families,

On behalf of the Woden Thunder Little Athletics Club, welcome to the 2015-16 Little Athletics season.

You may have noticed a few changes have occurred to your Club during the off-season - the most prominent of which are the new moniker "Thunder" and the new logo that have both been introduced to usher in a new era for the Woden Little Athletics club in celebration of our return home to the refurbished Woden Park Athletics Field.

Believe it or not, the moniker Thunder continues the heritage of both our region and our Athletics Club. The name 'Woden Valley' can be traced back to October 1837 when Dr. James Murray acquired 2,500 acres of land and named it after the king of the Anglo-Saxon gods and god of wisdom, Woden. He named it this as he intended to spend his life in the pursuit of wisdom. Development of Woden's twelve suburbs began in 1962 and families moved into the first suburb of Hughes the following year. Woden's son was Thunor, the Anglo-Saxon god of storms, lightning and thunder - he is more commonly known by his Nordic name, Thor. Armed with his strength-giving items, his belt and his hammer, Thor was the strongest of all the Norse gods. When Thor was angry, he would strike his anvil with his hammer and the sound was thunder and the sparks lightning.

Historical artefacts for the Woden Little Athletics Club, such as the flag on display in the club house, feature the ceremonial Viking warrior with a horned-helmet on a field of green and gold and until recently, the connection between Woden and the Vikings had been lost. Now, with the relaunch in season 2015/16 of the Woden Thunder Little Athletics Club, the connection is renewed.

2015/16 will be an exciting year of change for the club with a number of initiatives that will be introduced as part of relaunching club including: new Uniforms and Merchandise, new online Athlete result recording and tracking, dedicated Age Managers for our athletes and a particular focus on Coaching. It certainly will be a great year and I encourage you all to get involved where you can with the many opportunities that will be on offer!

Your committee continues to support and promote participation in athletics in a fun and safe environment, as encapsulated in the Little Athletics motto - Family, Fun and Fitness.

On behalf of the committee, I wish you and your families another fun-filled and successful season. We look forward to renewing old friendships and forging new ones while enjoying the Woden Thunder Little Athletics season with you!

Best wishes,

Rob Russell

WLAC President