Running Shoes

Choosing the right kids shoes is easy at The Athlete’s Foot


Children’s bodies grow at a rapid rate and the correct shoes can ensure proper bone and muscle development, and help prevent long term foot and leg problems. Choosing the right shoes for your child’s feet can be difficult so here’s some tips on what to look for:

  • Support – Kids are very active so it is important they have stable shoes. Look for a firm heel counter and a contoured midsole, this will allow the foot to sit right down inside the shoe.


  • Durability – All parents will know how tough kids can be on shoes. Look for outersoles made of rubber or polyurethane for longer wear. Double stitching, especially around the toe area will also add to the life of the shoe.


  • Comfort – Don’t allow too much room for growth. Oversized shoes can cause your child’s foot to roll over in the shoe and are also more likely to wear out. Shoes that are too tight can also harm their feet, so check for signs of irritation and make sure they are able to wriggle their toes freely.


  • Cushioning – Children’s bones are still growing and vulnerable to shock so cushioning is very important. Children’s shoes should have adequate midsole cushioning and feel comfortable as soon as