Registration Day for Woden Little Athletics will be this coming Saturday, 17 September from 10am-2pm at Woden Park.

If you have registered online this is a good time to come along and collect your registration pack (athlete no, patches, promo material) and take a look in the uniform shop if a uniform is needed.  

If you are yet to register, or pay, no problems!  Come along and register manually (paper form) and we can take cash to complete the registration process.  You can then take away a rego pack and you are good to go!

If you cannot make this Saturday, you can complete the registration process at any stage, either online, or in person at our meets commencing 8 October!!  

NOTE:  We take registrations throughout the season but note that registration fees are a flat, standard rate - regardless of how many meets you participate in.   Also note the clubs refund policy on this webpage.



Committee Members Needed for Key Roles!

The Committee is up and running but many committee members have multiple roles and they are busy,  It would be great to recruit a few more committee members to spread the load and get some fresh ideas and perspectives into the committee.  Key roles to be filled are:

 - Assistant Registrar

- Assistant On-Track Official (running the on-track program for the U6 and U7s)

- Equipment Officer (at the moment President Rob is doing this!!)

- Recording Officer (in charge of collating results)

- Timing Gate supervisor - for this we need someone who loves the challenge of technology!  Our supervisor from last season is having a well deserved break and we need a replacement.  If you would like the challenge of making Woden Thunder the club that makes best use of this technology then pls let us know


  • The WLAC committee are committed to ensuring that Little Athletics is and continues to be fun for the athletes and their families. If there are any issues, big or small, good or bad, please talk to a committee member. We are here to help.


News Update

Woden Thunder Little Athletics (Season 2016-17) email: 29 July 2016


Dear Members,

This is the first email of the Little Athletics Season 2016-17.  

The Woden Thunder Committee hopes you are enjoying the winter months and all it brings - winter sports, frost, ice, and some pretty special conditions in which to train, play and watch from the sidelines!

The Committee has been busy getting ready for the new season and there are few messages you need to know - even at this early stage!

Check your results online at ResultsHQ


Results for all registered (ie. financial) athletes are available on the ResultsHQ website.

Coaching and Training

Hi All.  As the season starts to ramp up I wanted to let you know about coaching and training this year.  We are looking forward to a very successful season and glad to welcome so many new athletes to the club.  We are back at Woden training from 12 October at 5.30 - 6.45pm.  Everyone is welcome to come along and either participate in the group coaching or of course train by yourself.  If training by yourself then a parent must be with the athlete at all times.   We require at least one parent to remain at training.  There is to be no drop off.  There are too many children for the three coaches to monitor all children safely.   Unsupervised athletes will be asked to sit out in the stands. 

We are just finalising some of the details but there will be two - three dedicated coaching stations each night for the athletes to receive coaching. These will invariably be a throw, a jump and one other, prohram dependant.  We will advertise which skills wil be coached in advance.  This is very different to training and how it has occured in the past.  

We will be going through drills rather than just having athletes rotate through throwing a discus or jumping the high jump.  As above, there is the ability for athletes to come and do this with parental supervision.  But with only three registered coaches (at this stage) we will not be running training in that manner, rather the focus is on skills coaching.   We strongly encourage parents accompanying their athletes to get involved on Wednesdays and assist with those athletes that would like to come down and simply throw a discus or practise long jump in the sandpit.  The club run sessions will be of more benefit to the athletes wanting skills and drills coaching if we separate the two activities.  Parents will be there as safety monitors as much as anything

I will also be posting tips, links to training videos and blogs to assist with athlete progression and would welcome any tips or useful websites be sent through so I can include on this part of the website.  

If you have any questions or thoughts please send them through the email address.  I will also be advising of upcoming LAACT coaching courses for those interested parents.  WLAC will again be willing to assist finance these endeavours for interested parents.  More to come.  

See you on Wed 12 October!!!








Future Events

Calendar for Season 2016-17

Our confirmed dates are:

08/10/2016 Week 1 - Orientation Day
15/10/2016 Week 2 - Normal Meeting
22/10/2016 Week 3 - Normal Meeting
29/10/2016 Week 4 - Normal Meeting
05/11/2016 Week 5 - Normal Meeting (Orange JETSTAR Round)