Weekly News

Woden Thunder Little Athletics email: 27 October 2016


Dear Members,

Welcome to another week of little athletics.  The forecast for this Saturday is cloudy with temps from 10-22 degrees.  Only a 20 percent chance of rain so its looking good! It will not be sunny but lets make sure we get the kids into the habit of wearing a hat and using sunscreen!  Soon it will be much warmer and brighter.

Level 1 Coaching Course - 30 October 9.00am to 5.00pm


On Sunday 30 October 2016 Athletics ACT (AACT) will be delivering a Level 1 Community Athletics Coach (L1 CAC) Course between 9.00am and 5.00pm at the Woden Athletics Track in Phillip.

The Level 1 Community Athletics Coach (L1 CAC) Course is an introductory course aimed at people who would like to get into coaching, but have either no coaching experience, or very limited coaching experience. More...

Coaching and Training - 12 October at 5.30 - 6.45pm at Woden Park


Hi All.  As the season starts to ramp up I wanted to let you know about coaching and training this year.  We are looking forward to a very successful season and glad to welcome so many new athletes to the club.  We are back at Woden training from 12 October at 5.30 - 6.45pm.  Everyone is welcome to come along and either participate in the group coaching or of course train by yourself.  If training by yourself then a parent must be with the athlete at all times.   We require at least one parent to remain at training.  There is to be no drop off.  There are too many children for the three coaches to monitor all children safely.   Unsupervised athletes will be asked to sit out in the stands. More...


Upcoming Events

Calendar for Season 2016-17

Our confirmed dates are:

29/10/2016 Week 4 - Normal Meeting
05/11/2016 Week 5 - Normal Meeting (Orange JETSTAR Round)
12/11/2016 Week 6 - ACTLAA Relay Carnival
19/11/2016 Week 7 - Normal Meeting
03/12/2016 Week 9 - Normal Meeting

Committee Members Needed for Key Roles!

The Committee is up and running but many committee members have multiple roles and they are busy,  It would be great to recruit a few more committee members to spread the load and get some fresh ideas and perspectives into the committee.  Key roles to be filled are:

 - Assistant Registrar

- Assistant On-Track Official (running the on-track program for the U6s with Mel)

- Equipment Officer

- Recording Officer (in charge of collating results)

- Timing Gate supervisor - for this we need someone who loves the challenge of technology!  Our supervisor from last season is having a well deserved break and we need a replacement.  If you would like the challenge of making Woden Thunder the club that makes best use of this technology then pls let us know


The WLAC committee are committed to ensuring that Little Athletics is and continues to be fun for the athletes and their families. If there are any issues, big or small, good or bad, please talk to a committee member. We are here to help.